Success Stories

El Paso A.R.C. Electric, Inc.

Award Date:  01-21-20, 03-31-20 & 04-07-20

Client Point of Contact:  Angel Ortiz

Contracting Agency:  The City of El Paso, TX

Contract Number:  2020-261, 2020-677, 2020-199

Dollar Value:  $10,119,793.00

Adastra Ecological Services Inc

Award Date:  05-07-20, 05-11-20 & 07-06-20

Client Point of Contact:  Ricardo Lozoya

Contracting Agency:  Department of Homeland Security, US Custom & Border Protection and International Boundary & Water Commission

Contract Number:  70B03C20P00000209, 19BWC20P0101

Dollar Value: $1,242,846.00

Oberman Inc.

Award Date:  08-25-20 & 10-01-20

Client Point of Contact:  Greg Oberman

Contracting Agency:  Dept. of the Air Force 92 Cons & Department of Defense

Contract Number:  FA462020D0016, FA462021F0010

Dollar Value:  $622,914.00                 

El Valle Pest Control, LLC

Award Date:  07-21-20 & 10-27-20

Client Point of Contact:  Daniel Ortiz

Contracting Agency:  City of El Paso, TX & Department of Justice

Contract Number:  2020-763, 15DDNE20P00000030

Dollar Value:  $33,834.00

G & E Industrial Supplies Inc.

Award Date:   09-25-20

Client Point of Contact:  Franco Marquez

Contracting Agency:  Department of Defense

Contract Number:  N6883620P0280

Dollar Value:  $10,700.00

Sol Contractors Inc.

Award Date:  01-30-20 – 12-18-20

Client Point of Contact:  Cesar Loya

Contracting Agency:  Department of Defense

Contract Number:  W911SG20P0010, W911SG20P0023, W911SG20P0021, W911SG20P0026, W911SG20P0035, W911SG20P0041, W911SG20P0041, W911SG20P0045, W911SG20C0035, W911SG20P0051, W911SG21P0014, W911SG21P0015, W911SG21P0018, W911SG21P0014, W911SG21P0019, W911SG21P0019

Dollar Value:  $1,651,640.00

Alpha Building Corporation

Award Date:  07-31-20, 09-11-20 & 09-18-20

Client Point of Contact:  Lyndon Brineger

Contracting Agency:  a) Department of Defense, Texas – HSCS & Department of the Air Force - AETC

Contract Number:  FA301620C0072, 19-113-ELC & FA301620C0106

Dollar Value:  $2,215,256.00

Desert Electric LTD, CO.

Award Date:  09-17-20

Client Point of Contact:  Jose Martinez

Contracting Agency:  U.S. Department of the Interior

Contract Number:  140R4020P0093

Dollar Value:  $47,555.00

Zaragoza, Octavio

Award Date:  01-31-20

Client Point of Contact:  Octavio Zaragoza

Contracting Agency:  Department of Veterans Affairs

Contract Number:  36C25720P0400

Dollar Value:  $36,709.00

J & M Heritage and Construction Company

Award Date:  02-07-20

Client Point of Contact:  Mariana Lermuseaux

Contracting Agency:  University of Texas at El Paso

Contract Number:  CSP127758478-AMG, CSP126572651

Dollar Value:  $1,661,785.00