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Presented by Matthew Schoonover of SCHOONOVER +MORIARTY LLC

Affiliation is an insidious topic for small business federal government contractors. It can turn a small business into a large business—sometimes without the business even knowing why.

Protecting small business eligibility is vital for federal government contractors. In this presentation, government contracts attorney Matthew Schoonover will teach attendees how the SBA determines a company’s size, under both employee and receipts-based size standards. This presentation will also focus on how the SBA will find two businesses to be affiliates of each other, which could adversely impact size, as well as ideas on how to fracture affiliation. Attendees will be armed with information needed to understand the SBA's regulations and how to best avoid affiliation.

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Matthew Schoonover is the founder and managing member of Schoonover & Moriarty LLC, a law firm dedicated to serving federal government contractors. Together with his colleagues, Matt counsels clients on all aspects of their work with the federal government—from understanding acquisition regulations and contract provisions; to ensuring compliance with regulations relating to small business and socioeconomic program eligibility; and to developing mentor/protégé agreements, joint venture agreements, and subcontracts. Schoonover & Moriarty also represents contractors in bid protests, size and socioeconomic  eligibility  protests, and  performance  disputes.  Above  all,  Matt  enjoys

helping small businesses achieve success in the federal marketplace.  Matt is an experienced speaker, having traveled the country (and, more recently, cyberspace) to present on topics critical to small businesses. He has been interviewed for a variety of publications and podcasts relating to small businesses. He’s also an experienced writer on small business federal contracting issues; you can follow Matt’s posts on small business federal contracting issues on

WHAT:    Avoiding Affiliation: Protecting Your Small Business Eligibility

DATE:     Thursday, August 5, 2021

               10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (MST)


COST:     Free

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